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Supported file formats: WebP, PNG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF

Unlimited image compression that is fast, free, and completely private

Quickly compress, convert, and resize multiple images at once. Also works offline, supporting WebP, PNG, JPEG, GIF & TIFF files.



All image processing happens locally meaning you don't need to wait for images to upload. The compression algorithm that is used is also very quick at processing lots of files. The small files that result save bandwidth and increase website performance.


No limits

Unlike other services which limit the number of files or the maximum file size that you can compress, imgmin has none of these limits. Drag and drop an unlimited number of files above to compress and / or convert images of any size.



Concerned with privacy? All images are compressed 100% locally, they stay on your machine and are never sent to a server so they cannot be seen by anyone else. This also means that imgmin can work offline without internet access. Use imgmin and avoid services that require you to upload your images to keep your data safe.

What is image compression and why should I use imgmin?

Compressing images reduces the file size of an image while preserving the dimensions and as much of the quality as possible. It is helpful for saving storage space and reduces bandwidth demands making websites load faster, this in turn uses less energy and is good for the environment (although it does take a small amount of energy to compress images locally). With imgmin the compression process is fast, free, and private since it all happens on your computer and nothings is uploaded to external servers.

imgmin is fast, has no file limits, and works 100% locally keeping your images private. It also supports all of the major image formats and has options above to allow converting images to different formats, resizing them to create thumbnails and make image sizes more web friendly, or tweaking the output quality. Additionally imgmin works offline without needing to be connected to the internet and the page loads really quickly.

How does imgmin compare to other image compression sites?

See the table below to see how imgmin stacks up against the competition.

LimitsNo limits20 images (5mb)60 images10mb images20 images
Compression SpeedVery fastSlowSlowSlowSlow
Domain length (chars)6781015
100% Private
100% Local
Resize images
Convert formats
Works offline
Lowest carbon footprint

How does imgmin work?

imgmin works using the power of Web Assembly, this allows it to use the libvips library via wasm-vips, this is the same library library used under the hood by the excellent CLI tool sharp. Using these libraries via the browser allows imgmin to quickly process lots of files, compressing their size or manipulating the images in various ways. If you have an idea or suggestion or just want to leave feedback you can click the 'Contact' button at the top of this page. And if you find imgmin useful please consider donating at